Sweet BoaterX Qualification

With the Valsesia River Festival, just next week, we have decided to change the qualification for the Sweet Rumble BoaterX. There is now no Friday evening time trial, however the top 10 from the Sesia Alpin Sprint, plus up to 12 other paddlers will be the qualification. This means that for weekend paddler’s who could […]

Your invitation to Valsesia River Festival 2012

Issue: # May 2012 Your Invitation to the VRF 2012   Dear Paddler, Do you want to go Steep Creekin’, enjoy Italian food and love paddling? If so, we’ll bring all that together in one place, the Valsesia River Festival. This River Festival is for ALL paddlers; we have races for the competitive, clinics for […]

Our 2012 Boat Sticker

Are you ready to have one on your boat, got a team for the Sesia Alpin Sprint, or just wish to charge it out on the individual race. Why not compare your practise time with our Kayak – Sesia Alpin Sprint, Strava Segement section. The main Saturday race is for all Class III/IV paddler’s sponsored […]

Online Booking now OPEN in English

With this year’s Valsesia River Festival a mere month away, we’ve opened up the Online Booking for english speakers, and will add Italiano soon. For paddler’s wishing to get on clinics, we strongly advise booking early so we can have all of Gene17’s plus great guest coaches available. More Options We’ve adjusted the offerings from […]

Sesia Alpin Sprint Date & Sponsors Confirmed

We are pleased to announced that this year’s head line event at the Valsesia River Festival in Piemonte, Italy, will be the Sesia Alpin Sprint race on Saturday 2nd June. This race is from Curgo to Mollia in the high Sesia valley, down 6km of Class III/IV white water. The prefect boulder garden white water […]

into 2012

The wait is almost over, the 2012 Valsesia River Festival programme will be coming online soon. We have a number of new sponsors, more focus on the Sesia Alpin Sprint and some of the best creeking in the Alps.

Valsesia River Festival 2011 Round Up

Thank you for coming and joining us in Valsesia. A great start for a new event. So much so, we’ll do it all again in 2012, although of course we’ll change a few things to make the event even better. Plus it’ll be Gene17’s 10th Birthday Party, so we’ve a lot to celebrate. Images from […]

All Locations for the forthcoming Valsesia River Festival

View Valsesia River Festival locations in a larger map

New Valsesia River Festival Tee released

Our new Tee for this year’s Valsesia River Festival, designed by Pete Woods, and includes the shield of Piemonte with Monte Rosa in the background. We’ve only 150 printed, so we have a Tee for the first 150 paddlers to join us in Valsesia, next week. Pre-bookings are going well, with paddlers from all 4 […]

Sweet Rumble and things

With arrangements in full flow, we have prefect here all week in Valsesia. The Tee design by Pete Woods, has been signed off and at the printers, Gene17’s own pop up tent is due for delivery today, and we been to see the police about you lot, nothing bad mine you, just that you’ll be […]

Video Clinics to be lead by Next Generation

Video Clinic In addition to providing technique clinics, guided descents and photo clinics with some of the best around, at the this year’s Valsesia River Festival we’ll offer video clinics. Our Video clinics will be with one of the UK’s Next Generation film makers, Finn Burrows. A master of the post video tape era, where […]

Your Invitation to the VRF 2011

Do you want to go Steep Creekin’, you enjoy Italian food and love paddling? If so, we’ll bring all that together in one place, with a host of paddlers at the Valsesia River Festival. This all new festival is for ALL paddlers; we have races for the competitive, clinics for the aspiring, entertainment for the […]

Festival Booking Now Online

Here at Gene17, we are very happy to release pre-booking for this year’s Valsesia River Festival See for online booking. For all clinics & guides descents, we recommend pre-booking, as availability during the festival will be limited, as all places are taken on a first come first served basis. See you there on the […]

New Races & Contests

See great news for all the races & contests at the VRF Sweet Rumble – Palm Next Generation Video Contest – Alpin Action Photo Contest –     see for details Online booking very soon indeed

Valsesia River Festival April Update

There has been much going on be hide the scenes, and finally by Friday we’ll have the Valsesia River Festival registration online, for all the different event options, from speed demons to white water cruisers. In the mean time, here is a little news: We’ll give a FREE copy of Gert Spilker’s PIEMONT ITALIA WW […]

March 2011 Update

The last few weeks, have seen a bunch of be hide the scenes work on the forth coming Valsesia River Festival this May. We have had numerous meetings to secure sponsorship, local logistics plus a host of confirmations from our coaching line up. So what have we been up too: Sweet Protection is provisional sponsor […]

Event Outline & Programme

Here at Gene17 we are hoping you’ll join us in Italy this Spring at the Valsesia River Festival, details can be seen on Valsesia River Festival Take a look, and see what is in offer for all paddlers. The next key update will be prior to online booking being open in mid March Regards Simon@Gene17

Event logo, programme & details announcement this week

Valsesia River Festival 2011, details to come this week, including programme details, race calendar & booking info

December 2010 Update

More details to come early in the New Year, however it’s looking like; 2-3 days of clinics by Gene17 a Sweet Rumble on the Sesia a Palm Freeride Competition on the Egua a Dagger Team race on the Alpine Spirit Friday Film Night in Campertogno Theatre Disco Party at Eddy Line Event Tee Shirt Looking […]

An outline plan for the Valsesia River Festival hosted by Gene17kayaking

Welcome to Valsesia River Festival, 26/29th May 2011 in Campertogno, Valsesia, Italy A white water kayaking festival in Valsesia, with races, guided descents, clinics, films & more, details to come in October 2010, until then join in with Matt Tidy having the time of his life on the Egua this Spring, as in 2011 we’ll […]