2015 Event Round Up & Results

Another great spring season in Valsesia has almost past for 2015, and the Valsesia River Festival was again a vintage edition. Good water levels, with some rain, yet sunny days meant we have medium to low conditions all week. Paddlers from all over Europe were in attendance running the fine delights of Valsesia.


The week started with the coming together of friends from afar, a traditional meeting point event, the Valsesia area attracts hundreds of paddlers over the course of May every year, and the Valsesia River Festival is a focal point for which paddlers get a chance to share stories and adventures, plus enjoy the evenings entertainment. With a early snow melt starting in mid March, local paddlers had informed us that some of the lower altitude runs like the Mastellone and Gronda will both need rain to run in May. We had a great chance of rain though, as spring in the mountains is always mixed, sun and rain often come in equal measure. For May 2015 we were not disappointed.

Il Gatto e la Volpe Host their annual BBQ

As part of our annual festival, il Gatto e la Volpe Camping, our hosts, offer a BBQ for all the festival goers. Alberto and team put on a great spread, and it sets us up for a great weekend.

Raph on the Sesia Alpin Sprint 2015
On the steepest part of the Sesia Alpin Sprint
Sesia Alpin Sprint Boulder gardens to enjoy

Saturday is all about race day, we have a Team race on the Sesia Alpin Sprint, followed by the individuals. This is the selections for the Sweet Rumble BoaterX in the evening down in Campertogno. Our new event partner Exo Kayaks, helps us out with there PA system, and starter ramp. Thank you. The action comes thick and fast all day long, with the team event setting a fun tone for all. Smiles all around at lunch time. The afternoon, is a little more serious, as people wish to make the cut to the top 32 mens, whom all go through to the Sweet Rumble. At the finish line in the afternoon was our great festival atmosphere with everyone greeting the late starters, others catching they breath, plus a general hanging out and enjoying, after a 6 km dash down the great boulder garden run that is the Sesia Alpin Sprint.

Sweet Rumble - Valsesia River Festival 2015

Sweet Rumble - Valsesia River Festival 2015

Sweet Rumble - Valsesia River Festival 2015

Evening action turns to Campertogno and the BoaterX, where Sweet Protection have sponsored the Valsesia River Festival event since the start. The original and still going strong Sweet Rumble takes place in Sjoa, at the Sjoa River Festival in Norway. The 2015 dates are 7/12th July. Matic from Slovenia had dominated the Sesia Alpin Sprint, with Torino local Gianluca, a slalom racer proving he was not going to take the 2nd place in the Sesia Alpin Sprint lightly. A battle royal took place with Gene17Kayaking’s Jakub Sedivy and French legend Raphael Thiebaut pushing all the way to the finals. A great test of skills, sprinting power and good fortune is the Sweet Rumble. And this year proved equally as entertaining, with surprise exits and upsets along the way to the final. During the final itself, slalom speed claimed the prize with Gianluca Macchia winning the Mens Class and Lowri Davies taking the Women’s Class. The ladies for 2015 were under-represented, so for 2016, Sweet and Gene17Kayaking will offer race training on the Friday for all female Festival goers. See Full 2015 Results for the complete listing from 2015.

The Palm Throwbag Olympics – in Campertogno at the Valsesia River Festival 2015. Enjoy!Music: Mundo Canbal by the Freak Fandango Orchestra.

Posted by Palm Equipment on Thursday, 4 June 2015

After the battle on the river, came the fire in the field, with the Palm Throwbag Olympics. University of Limerick Canoe Club has been practising for some hours, and yet outdoor professional and traveling paddler Jim Hill, cruised passed them all to win top spot. Soon after the bar was a throng and the party started, with guitar man Ies Fokiwa playing us in to the small hours yet again. The main prize of the night, a brand new Exo Kayak CreekXT, was won with a mass “heads or tails” game, which when to 9 rounds to find the lucky winner.

Here are Sweet Rumble 2015 Images and Valsesia River Festival 2015 Images.

Well that was a great week in Italy, our next year’s dates are 18/22 May 2016. See you there.


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