Valsesia River Festival 2015 Event Bookings Now Open


The Early Bird Catches the Worm.

We have woken up from winter and have already started the spring season in Slovenia, Greece & Corsica. Come May we head to Valsesia and Piemonte for ever perfect spring creeking on smooth bed rock. Our programmes there are near capacity, which is great, as we have a whole lot of snow melt to enjoy.

The Online Booking for the Valsesia Rive Festival 2015 is open. Your race number, Tee Shirt and place in our new competition can be secured today. See Booking for Festival Booking details.

Campertogno 24/7

After a winter in the French Alps skiing, Jakub Sedivy & Jake Holland wish to borrow a great idea from Morzine. At this year’s Valsesia River Festival we are looking at running a film competition along the lines of “Cavern 24/7”. Here is how Campertogno 24/7 should work:

    Each team has to showcase their skills with arty shots, amazing paddling & an interesting storyline!
    All you need is a camera, editing equipment, a good idea & some good friends.
    Your video must be no longer than 4 minutes long including your titles all to a single track.
    Between you & your team you must film & edit your video over 7 days.
    Each shot must have a Valsesia River Festival Boat Sticker in view so we know it was filmed within the 7d ays!

See Cavern 24/7 videos for this successful idea, and inspirations from years of this event. You can collect the Valsesia River Festival boat sticker in Campertogno from Gene17Kayaking on the 16th May onwards.

We hope to have some key sponsors and will have an open screening on Saturday night with audience voting.

New Partner

Currently we are speaking with Exo Kayak from Italy about being one of our 2015 event partners in Valsesia, details should emerge in the coming weeks. Both Sweet Protection and Palm Equipment will be present at always.

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