Valsesia River Festival 2014 Round Up

Sesia Alpin Sprint 2014 Individual Race

A massive snow pack from this past winter, meant that the Valsesia season was going to be short and high water or a low fine season, or perhaps a combination of both of these. Thankfully, the month saw near settled weather and although there was a period of cold nights with resulting low water days, the levels were great. Come the festival week, rain for Friday indicated a potential sporty Race Day for Saturday. Come mid-week, a host of paddlers had arrived for across Europe and the USA too. Il Gatto e la Volpe hosted their Thursday night grill for near a hundred paddlers. A great first night of this festival.

Upper Mastelone Crux Rapid

Roman Bridge falls on Upper Mastelone

During the week, Gene17kayaking offered clinics, a snap shot to their main coaching week long trips. These clinics were popular as ever and run on the fine local classics such as the Egua, Sorba and Sermenza. On Friay night Gene17kayaking’s Jake Holland showed his A Humla Journey movie and Jakub Sedivy presented his Borneo Expedition from 2014. A great evening to charge the ambition for far away adventures.

Valsesia River Festival Sweet Rumble 2014

With the over night rain, Race Day had a few changes. Read all about those competitors on Race Day 2014. Needless to say, some paddlers charged hard, others enjoyed sprinting with their friends in the Team Race. One guys and one girl got to win a Sweet Rumble belt….cool. For the Race Day Full Results.

After all the on the river racing, Palm Equipment had their traditional Throwbag Olympics, a kind of chaos event for those looking on. Paddlers, take the challenge of throwing, running and recoiling with precision whilst in a race with everyone else at the same time, so you can see where the chaos part comes in. These all important river skills, so often over looked, as key for a team to function at a crux rapid. Interestingly, with a small amount a practise the performance of the average paddler improves massively. These days we even see paddlers training for the Palm Throwbag Olympics……

Come Saturday evening, Ies Fokiwa played us into the dancing zone, with the normal chaotic prizing giving reaching an epic finalise as Pyranha gave away a free kayak. And not just any boat, but a kayak of the winners choice delivered to they local dealer. Some prize, hence the excitement. Joris Falter from Belgium drew the lucky ticket and what a lucky boy. Thank you Pyranha Kayaks yet again.

Sunday saw many a paddler take one last run. The Gene17kayaking crew joined Team Pyranha for one more run down the middle Sermenza at a solid medium flow, for some great moves and fun times. See you next year when we get to do it all again. Or may in Norway at the Sjoa River Festival next month…..

Some great images and web report from AlpineMag

VRF 2015 Sesia Alpin Sprint 2015

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