Race Day 2014

Sweet Rumble BoaterX Valsesia 2014 fight club

Race Day at this years Valsesia River Festival was another sparkling affair. Over night rain meant that the traditional Alpin Sprint section above Mollia was deemed a little too high all all the racers, so the race section was moved down river in Campertogno from the BoaterX Ramp to before Il Gatto e la Volpe camping, some 1km of Class III/IV boulder garden fun rapids. Our Race Day format is the Sesia Alpin Sprint Team Race in the morning, to ensure all competitors know the section, then the individual run in the afternoon, with the top 32 mens and all the ladies going through the Sweet Rumble BoaterX in the evening.

Sesia Alpin Sprint 2014

Sesia Alpin Sprint 2014 Individual Race in Campertogno

Campertogno, a thriving alpine village high up in the Sesia Valley, home to both traditional “walser” craftsmanship, also renowned frescos in the principal church along with more modern pursuits as an academic retreat and convention centre, plus the perfect spring time steep creeking destination. On race day, dozens of locals and weekend tourist line the river walking the fun and games. The morning team race saw a great competition in an all smiles atmosphere.

Sesia Alpin Sprint 2014 Team Race in Campertogno

22 Teams raced in the morning, most were made up of unsponsored paddlers, whilst the pro-teams in the shape of Exo, Pyranha and Mission Kayak amongst others could easily be embarrassed by the skills of weekend warriors determined to make their mark. A strong Dutch crew managed to shame many, yet Exo Team pulled off another win in the form of Filippo Brunetti, Thomas Waldner & Daniel Klotzner.

Team Race Sesia Alpin Sprint 2014

1 Filippo Brunetti Team Exo 00:02:33
Thomas Waldner Team Exo
Daniel Klotzner Team Exo
2 Robin Knuivers NL Dutches 00:02:47
Bart Gevers NL Dutches
Kees van Kuipers NL Dutches

Race Day Full Results

Sesia Alpin Sprint 2014 Indivudal Race Finish Line in Campertogno

After lunch, and the individual race served as both selection and placing of the Sweet Rumble. The all important fastest paddler, means that in each round of the BoaterX you get to choice your start location, which is tactically significant. Last year’s Sickline runner up Daniel Klotzner, managed to go one second quicker than his Exo Team time to be king of the pile. Be hide him both Thomas Waldner and Dave Bain is equal second place. The girls saw some strong racing, with competitors from a wide range of nations. Californian Laura Farrell raced ahead of Swiss paddler Natascha Bammert leaving Irish girl Susan Doyle in third. All the Sesia Alpin Sprint rankings, plus the Sweet Rumble placings goes towards the AWP World Series.

Mens Individual Sesia Alpin Sprint 2014

1 Daniel Klotzner 00:02:31
2 Thomas Waldner 00:02:32
2 Dave Bain 00:02:32

Womens Individual Sesia Alpin Sprint 2014

1 Laura Farrell 00:02:50
2 Natascha Bammert 00:02:56
2 Susan Doyle 00:03:01

Race Day Full Results

Sweet Rumble BoaterX Valsesia 2014

Sweet Rumble BoaterX Valsesia 2014 Starting Ramp

Sweet Rumble BoaterX Valsesia 2014 tight racers

“Fight club in a kayak”, is what boaterX is in a nutshell. The Sweet Rumble BoaterX has been part of our sister event at the Sjoa River Festival in Norway for some time, and since the start of the Valsesia River Festival we have hosted Sweet’s Rumble in the Alps. The course on a steep boulder garden rapid just up river of the old bridge in Campertogno, once a border crossing between France and Italy, now a great viewing point for the action below. With 8 heats in the first round, the early action comes quick, for the spectators, and a little too fast for the successful heat winners to get back up to the top to start again in the next round.

Notably some of the faster individual sprint specialist failed to make the cut, with both Daniel Klotzner and Thomas Waldner out in the semi finals, whilst Ireland’s Cian McNally was a surprise, yet one look at his all guns a blazing BoaterX style, meant he was a dark horse in the not so clean cut final. Robin Knuivers from Holland, whose Team was second earlier on, meant that it was not all an pro-paddler final. Italian master Filippo Brunetti was equal favourite with the UK’s David Bain. BoaterX is all about getting our in front and staying clean, and David lead the charge, be hide him was fine action to see, neither paddler allowing the other to get an advantage to attach David, who in the end had a clear run at the win.

The girls was a similar affair, until the final eddy, where the hanging kayak marked the finish. Swiss charger Natascha Bammert, had it all for herself, but caught the eddy low down and flipped on the eddy line, opening up the win for Lowri Davies whom also hit a surge and missed the eddy, leaving the zero to hero of the occasion Laura Farrell to clean up both the Sesia Alpin Sprint and Sweet Rumble. Outsider Amy Elworthy, kept her lines, and cruised into her first ever placing and second in the Rumble.

Ladies Sweet Rumble Final

David Bain Sweet Rumble Valsesia 2014 Mens Winner

Gene17 Valsesia River Festival- Pyranha Team Tour from Pyranha on Vimeo.

Another great race day at the Valsesia River Festival, and the Saturday party lived up to its normal reputation, with Ies our guitar man firing up the tunes and the crowds danced into the small hours. See you next year.

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