Sesia Alpin Sprint – A Pyranha boat to win & getting ready with Strava

Pyranha SAS 2013 flyer

At this year’s Sesia Alpin Sprint we have a Pyranha boat to win. Plus a chance to win and not even come to the event with the Strava App.

A few years ago at the Valsesia River Festival, the classic boulder garden run down the Alpin Sprint on the Sesia River was resurrected into a race again, as the Sesia Alpin Sprint. The format is simply, kayakers race in team’s during the morning and individuals in the afternoon. The course, a perfect section of Class III/IV with boof’s a plenty to enjoy.

This event will take place on Saturday, meeting for 1000 in Curgo, the putin of the Sesia Alpin Sprint. Competitors must race in a Team, before the individual event to ensure the section is both freshly known and paddlers are able to take on the whitewater safely.

Can’t make the Valsesia River Festival? Well we have a Time Trial race at any time. With the advent of smart phones with GPS chips, software developer have made some fun apps for outdoor activities. In 2012 we tested the Strava App in Valsesia, on 2 sections, the Sesia Alpin Sprint & Sesia Balmuccia Sprint. You only need to start the app running when you put on and stop it when you get off, upload the data to Strava, and subscribe to a segment. Your position on the leader board will automatically appear.

We’ll have prizes for all winner, and those individual paddlers that are non-sponsored will have a chance to win a brand new Pyranha Kayak on Saturday night at the Valsesia River Festival Party……

Go to Bookings to get yourself entered.

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