Races, Party, Clinics & more 2013 Winter Update

VRF 2013 Italian Flag Banner
Sesia Alpin Sprint
Campertogno Party
Euga, ride the wall drop

This year’s programme for the Valsesia River Festival has come to life. For 2013 we’ll going to offer more for less. Due to the events growing popularity we’re able to drop the entry price to 25€, that includes 3 nights of entertainment, 8 competitions including the Team Sesia Alpin Sprint & Sweet Rumble, plus a night at the movies in Campertogno and a flash event Tee Shirt too, see our updated programme for details. Talk about value when you need the maximum bang for your buck. Online Booking is already open for May’s event.

The party fun starts on Thursday evening with our hosts il Gatto e la Volpe cooking up a storm on the grill, plus Francoli offering a night of Brandy for travelling paddlers and locals to enjoy. During the day on Friday with have a FREE clinic on race training, plus in renting a great PA for the weekend we’ll power her up for Friday Night at the movies, all at il Gatto e la Volpe’s campsite bar. Saturday is the main event, with the Team round of Sesia Alpin Sprint in the morning, individuals in the afternoon, and then the Sweet Rumble BoaterX in the evening. We’ll add another new event to warm up the crowds before the BoaterX, with a short sprint down the town rapid open to any paddler. For Saturday night’s party, we’ll have DJ’s and of course Ies Fokiwa, the party starter, the one man rock band.

We’ve added a Strava App challenge for the month of May on the Sesia Alpin Sprint & Sesia Balmuccia Sprint sections, this again is open to all, and the leader boards are already up and live. Plus for our FreeRide event, we’re running the competition as a photo & video format, see Egua FreeRide for details. Lastly, Gene17 will be running clinics all festival for anyone wishing to get the very best coaching from Gene17’s Team of sharp coaches with their depth of local expertise, plus these clinics are at amazing discount prices too.

We’ll confirm our 2013 sponsors soon, yet needless to say, Gene17kayaking & Il Gatto e la Volpe are the Valsesia River Festival’s principal sponsors and hosts. Book on to the Festival or get a FULL pass that includes a coaching clinic with Gene17kayaking.

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