Sweet BoaterX Qualification

Sweet Rumble 2011

With the Valsesia River Festival, just next week, we have decided to change the qualification for the Sweet Rumble BoaterX. There is now no Friday evening time trial, however the top 10 from the Sesia Alpin Sprint, plus up to 12 other paddlers will be the qualification. This means that for weekend paddler’s who could not make Friday evenings time trial, we’ve just made it easier. Plus we’ll have a single competitors price, 20€ for both the Sesia Alpin Sprint & Sweet Rumble BoaterX, which includes a Team Race entry, an Event Tee Shirt and competitors insurance. Furthermore, we’ll include a BoaterX for the girls too. And we’ll be sharing the BoaterX finals with Exo, who are running the Cuppa Italia event over the same weekend.

You can pre-register online or on the day 2nd June, before 1000 in Campertogno, by il Gatto e la Volpe.

See you there


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