Valsesia River Festival April Update

There has been much going on be hide the scenes, and finally by Friday we’ll have the Valsesia River Festival registration online, for all the different event options, from speed demons to white water cruisers. In the mean time, here is a little news:

Piemont Guide Book

We’ll give a FREE copy of Gert Spilker’s PIEMONT ITALIA WW kayak guidebook for the first 100 paddler’s who register from Friday 15th April for the VRF 2011

We have a kayak to give away, from Alpin Action, but of course we’ll make you work a little for it, but you are likely to learn a lot on doing so.

We’re turning our Team Sprint into a Mass Paddle, that’s right a carnival procession done the Sesia, with the front runners racing for fun, and everyone else, enjoying a Friday late afternoon paddle. The more the merrier, as we wish to should the different municipalities along the Sesia that a free flowing river is what brings Spring Tourism into the Valley.

We of course have a FreeRide event on Saturday morning, where the judging will be online in video format, at Gene17’s Facebook Page. However if there is a dead heat, we’ll have already had a time trial on the last 4 drops of the Egua including the Cylinder drop to be certain, so we’ll have a winner for certain.

The guys from Palm, Dagger, Sweet, Alpin Action are coming, with demo boats and product to see, and will be around for the whole festival for questions on their gear, and the opportunity to buy some new paddling equipment if your’s needs an update, or has gone on it’s own adventure.

More details by this Friday of course

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